The Lesson

8 Apr

By Alexis Ramirez
3rd Grade

My mom and dad wanted me to get better, but the first place didn’t work out. Plus I fell bad and hurt my back. So my mom and dad signed me up somewhere else. My mom and dad signed me up somewhere else because the other place didn’t give good lessons and the ice was crooked. That’s how I fell on my back.

And now if you read more you’ll find out if the other stadium worked and if my mom and dad trusted it.

It was the first day of my lessons. I was excited but nervous. When I stepped into my dad’s tan shiny car, it smelled like a car attacked by Jolly Ranchers. Then we were there at the stadium.

It was large, like an indoor soccer place. I walked to the shelf. It was filled with shiny gold hockey trophies. I went to a stand and I told the lady my shoe size and she gave me a pair.

I was on ice. I was so nervous, so I held on to the hard red wall to keep my balance. I felt so nervous that I would fall the same way I did on my back, but on my face! I had on my shiny red-and-black helmet from kinder.

I saw my teacher. She was wearing a red coat and had curly hair and tan skin. She told us to head to the wall. I was trembling and my knees were about to fall and drop me on my face! I told the teacher I could not do it, but she told me to try.

When I gave it a try I felt like a dog running away and having its own life. Now I was not afraid to go to the looks-like-indoor-soccer stadium. Now I go every Saturday morning.

And that was my first ice skating lesson and I ended up proud, prouder than a hyena getting it’s prey. (Ewww!)


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