The Last Soccer Game

8 Apr

By Steve Perez
3rd Grade

When I was in my house watching Avatar: The Last Airbender I saw a part when he was playing soccer, but by airbending. It reminded me about my soccer game on Saturday.  It was 10:30 and my mom said it was time to go to bed.

I told my mom, “No.”

And she said, “You have a soccer game tomorrow, Steve.”

And I said, “Sure.”

When it was morning my mom said to get ready, and I said, “Sure. Why not?”

I went to the game and my mom said to put on my shin guards.

Then I saw Diego, Ryan, and Logan. I asked, “Who’s winning?”

They answered, “The team is Chivas.” Then they said, “But there are three more minutes.”

I was so nervous and worried when the game started. I smelled the grass, the food, and the drinks. I heard noises: screaming and cheering. It was so loud. My mom was eating nachos and drinking a soda. She was sitting next to Cary, Diego’s mom. When the referee whistled, the game started.

My coach said that I was going to be defense right and Yahir left. Then the game started and the referee whistled and Zamir shot the ball and Logan blocked it. But Zamir came running and he scored a goal. After the goal passed, Alex shot the ball when there was one more minute of the first half, and the score was 2 – 1.

The first half ended. I was so worried that we were going to lose the soccer game. The coach said not to lose our hope. He was so worried that we were going to lose the game.

We scored five more goals and there were five more minutes. The score was 7 – 7. There were fifty-six more seconds on the clock. The other team scored a goal and there were ten more seconds on the clock.

We were losing by one when the game finished and we lost the soccer game.

The brave thing I did was that I didn’t cry like everybody. The good thing was that we were happy because we did a good job. My mom said she was proud of me because I did a good job playing soccer.

Because I did a good job, she took me to the mall to buy some Legos for Legos City. I felt as if I was so important.

I told my mom, “Thank you, Mom,” for making me feel so important.

My mom said, “You deserve this, Steve.”


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