The Hard Video Game

8 Apr

By Irving Valenzuela
3rd Grade

It was raining. I couldn’t go outside. So I thought about what to do. I saw everything that I liked to do when I couldn’t go outside. I saw a remote control for my video game. So I thought, “What’s better to play?” and I thought the video game was better. So I played it, and it said if you play versus 1st Place, you would be the champion of the game. So I played versus him. But it said play versus 3rd place so you can win.

He had lots of decorations so he could be handsome. I didn’t care about his handsome things. I just cared about how good he was at playing or at fighting. I just cared about winning. He was easy to win and I knocked him out and his handsome things fell off. And the handsome things helped him win, and they were part of his body now. So he had been defeated.

I said, “That was easy.”

It said, “You’re up to the Championship.”

I saw his trophy and it said that he has one or more of the handsome things. But on the picture it didn’t show his handsome thing. I thought it was a sticker or it was a hiding place. I hit him everywhere fast when it barely started, but his handsome thing didn’t fall down. And he had 90 percent of life and he punched me in the stomach hard and kicked me like karate in the face a lot of times, but hard. I had 50 percent of life. So I hit him in the same parts, like in the stomach and in the face, but two times. He had 39 percent of life. I had the power and he had the take-away button, and he stole the power from me and he threw it. And I had 9 percent of life. I had the power and I threw to his body because he hit me in the legs. But I hit him in the whole body, and the handsome stuff fell off. If he didn’t have handsome stuff he would have less than 5 and he could win. But he had handsome stuff.

He lost. When I won, it said, “You are the champion of this game.”

They gave me a big trophy. It was called a Karate Trophy.


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