The Creepy Place

8 Apr

By Roselyn Rubio
3rd Grade

Hi, my name is Roselyn Rubio. I am nine years old. Now I am going to tell you something brave that I did. Two days ago, on Sunday, my sister, brother, big sister, mom, dad, and I went to McDonald’s to eat and when we came back home I went to my room. It was past the one o’clock hour. Then I went to the bathroom because I had something in my eye. My mom called me to go down and help my little brother pick up his cars.

Then I saw the little car. When I went to get it, it flipped and flipped down the steps, like a bird flying around. Then I tripped over something. I didn’t know what it was. So I wanted to turn on the lights, but I couldn’t because the lights were up the steps.

I heard steps, bats, cats, and a lot of creepy stuff. I saw the floor, the rug, the steps, and the handles. My feelings were nervous, scared, bad, and all this other stuff. When my mom called me I got scared because I thought somebody was behind me telling me something.

Finally I got it. It was so hard to get it. Then I went up the steps running, and I told my little brother he got it, and I threw it in his room.

I am never going again down there with the lights off.


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