The Big Soccer Game

8 Apr

By Harvie Reese
3rd Grade

I went inside the indoor soccer field, and it was the third month, on Monday, 2013. I saw my mom and asked her, “Am I late?” And she said that I wasn’t late. “You’re now going to play with the big kids.” Then I was almost going to faint, but I didn’t.

When the little kids were done all us big kids went onto the field. I wore a team shirt. The team was called Mexico. I wore Nike shoes and the color was yellow. I was happy but when I got to practice I only saw big kids. Somehow my friends from school were there and I said to my mom, “Why are my friends here to play?”

Then my mom said, “You’re going to play with the big kids and your friends are going to play with you.”

My friends’ names were Logan, Diego, Steve, Ryan, Aemonn, and Irving. I saw other kids and they did not look tough at all. Some were little, but even way better than me.

We did laps, learned how to hold the ball, and then the coach said, “Now we’re going to play a game.” I was so nervous that I almost barfed on the field.

It turned out fine because my best friend, Logan, was on my team and he was goalie and that was so cool!

I was wishing that I was still with the little kids at game and practice. My friends were on different teams, and I wished I was with all of my friends on a team because my team really sucked. So we only had one point. That sucked so much.

And then we had a break and drank a lot of water or Gatorade, and then went back on the field.

When I was done with practice, I told my mom, “That wasn’t bad at all.” That was my brave moment, and it was this: that I was playing with my friends and other kids that were big kids. And that was my bravest thing that I ever did in my life and that was really scary.


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