Rock Climbing in the Night

8 Apr

By Aemonn Jones
3rd Grade

It was night, about six o’clock. We came in the door. There were many things we did. We shot targets with lasers and looked at clothes. On the RTD I liked to pretend I was driving. We went to the café to get a quick snack. We had a lot of fun, and we also looked at cool fish. Some fish were as big as me. There was a little duck pond. The ducks were so cute they puffed up when they were tired. There were a lot of stuffed animals like bears and other forest animals. We looked at boats. They were big ones.

I got in line. They put the harness on. I got to the top and looked around. So many people, games, clothes, animals. I was very nervous. I thought I would fall. I was embarrassed that maybe I wasn’t doing a good job. My hands were as slippery as icicles in someone’s bare hands. When I got to the top the person told me to jump.

When I got down I was happy I did it. Yay me!


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