My Brave Story

8 Apr

By Ruth Havey
3rd Grade

It was night. I looked out the window. I could see the bright white moon. It looked like a big glowing egg. I saw a few stars shining so bright, like star cookies I would make on Christmas. That night I heard my little sister, named Annie, coughing her brains out. My mom told me it was a sickness called croup. I was very annoyed. So I turned away from the window to go brush my teeth and to go to the bathroom.

When I spread the toothpaste on my toothbrush it glittered. After I brushed my teeth for a minute (which actually was probably 45 seconds), I went to the bathroom. Then I clicked off the light and headed straight for my room. I noticed the dark purple walls of the hallway. Suddenly I realized that, since I was six years old, I should be a good big sister and say goodnight to Annie. So I turned around and headed for her room.

When I entered I saw my mom huddling around her like a polar bear protecting her baby. “Good night, Annie. I really hope you feel better in the morning.”

Finally I headed to my room with the pink silky walls. I climbed up to my bunk and got into my nice and comfy bed. While I was in the nice comfy bed I asked my mother if I could sleep with her. My wonderful mother said…no. When I got in bed my mom went into the living room to read a book.

While I was still sleeping she carried me into her comfortable big fat bed. She called my dad and told him that I was beginning to have an asthma attack. She called him because he was all the way in Chicago. I bet that that was a tough time for my mom. After she called me dad, she called the hospital and told them what was going on. The doctor replied, “I believe that she’ll be okay, just call again if anything happens.” Beep, the conversation ended.

Finally I woke up. I felt absolutely terrible. But I was glad to see my grandmother beside the bed. She was saying comforting words to me such as, “No worries. You’ll be okay,” and “Just take a deep breath and let it go.” That was helping, sort of.

My mom said, “Come on honey, get your shoes and we’ll go to the hospital.” I guess she called the doctor again.

In response, I said, “I am waaaaay too tired.”

So she said, “Oh, all right, I’ll get them for you.” She disappeared upstairs to my room.

When she came back downstairs I put my shoes on and we got in the car. The street light flashed my life before my eyes.

When we got to the parking garage I said, “Mom, I think I’m going to throw up.”

She exclaimed, “Oh goodness! Here’s a shoe box. It will have to do.”

So that is what I did. I threw up in a shoe box.

We stepped out of the car and walked toward the hospital. My mom quickly threw away the shoebox. We stepped through the sliding door and into the lobby. It had green speckled seats like little speckled puppies. My mom rushed over to the manager and told her all that was going on. The manager stood up and left the lobby. She came back with some medicine. I drank it and then I threw it up. This happened several times.

Then we all stood up and entered a small room with a bed and a TV. I lay down and watched some TV. After a while, some doctors came in with a big machine. They spoke calmly, like it was no big deal. This is what they said: “We’re going to put a needle in your arm. It’s called an I.V.” I did not, and I mean DID NOT, want to get that I.V. thing or whatever it was! All the doctors, even my mother (How could she do this to me?) said, “Just look at the TV and everything will be okay.

I started crying and fussing. “NO, NO, NO!” I yelled.

One moment. Here is something really strange about some grownups: they never listen!

Okay, back to the story…So as I said, grownups never listen. Well, these grownups were that type. So they stuck the needle in my arm. YOUCH! Did that hurt!

After that, I moved to a separate room. There I stayed that night and the next. And here I am reading this to you (or at least I was writing it.) I survived and I tried to be brave.


2 Responses to “My Brave Story”

  1. Eileen Havey April 16, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    My brave granddaughter!

  2. Eileen Havey April 16, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    My brave granddaughter!!

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