My Brave Moment

8 Apr

By Felipe Hernandez Jr.
3rd Grade

When my dad asked me, “Do you want to go parachuting?” I said yes. But when he said that about going parachuting, I thought he was just kidding with me.

The next day I went to a bridge, and then people got my stuff ready and I was nervous. They carried me up onto the bridge, and when I looked down I got scared because it looked like the Grand Canyon. But when I put on my backpack I found out my mom packed me a lunch so that when I got to the bottom I could eat the food and my tummy wouldn’t be starving.

When I was falling I felt scared. I was feeling that I had never done it before. And when I went down I thought it was dangerous. I needed to be brave because it was scary and high ground. I felt scared because I am scared of high ground. I was brave because it had a river and rocks and I was worried I could hit the rocks.

It was awesome when I jumped. When I was falling I saw the colors of my parachute and it was all blue colored. I was feeling that I could fly. When I looked down I was looking at the rocks and the river. When I was flying I heard the wind. The rope was shaking because of all the wind. My belt was falling and almost fell into the river. There were birds flying and one of the birds pooped on my shoulder. And the bird passed through my parachute.

When I pulled the right handle I smelled the rocks. I smelled nature and my costume. And I smelled the food that they packed in my backpack. I touched the bridge, the rocks, and the river, and I even touched the parachute strings and a bird. When I got all the way down I was tasting the wind and the river and it tasted like sugar. I tasted the bananas and grapes.

For a second I felt nervous, but I did it, and I want to do it all over again because it was super fun. I never want to be scared. And I don’t want to be one of those persons who stay inside their houses. When I grow up I want to be a soccer player, because when I write I don’t get stuff right. When I did my brave thing and jumped, I felt that I can do anything and that I can beat my cousin at heights. When I was back on the bridge I felt awesome.


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