Indoor Skydiving

8 Apr

By Beatriz Mier
3rd Grade

I was having fun after I cleaned the house. So this is the story of the day. I had to clean and go to the store every day. It was always so hard. Usually on Sundays after mass, I’d have to clean the basement, the kitchen, and my room. But Saturdays I’d pick up the dog poop. But this Saturday was the hardest.  I had to sponge the walls, clean the basement, sponge the doorways where I climb, pick up poop, and clean the kitchen. It was HARD!!!

But I cleaned quickly so I could be done soon. When I finished cleaning, I had to practice two hours of IXL. Right when I finished, my dad said that we were going to Target. I was relieved that I didn’t have to work.

I finally got to do something fun. We were going to some building. When we got there I saw that it was purple, red, blue, and yellow. At first I thought it was a theater. But when I got in I realized it wasn’t.

When my turn came, they made me put on a suit, which was orange and gray. Then they made me put on some pink and gray shoes. Last, they made me put on some clear glasses with a helmet, black with purple and cream spots.

When I got in, the air was loud and strong. And even though outside was cold, the inside air was hot! To get in, I had to fold my arms. I was scared I was going to hit the metal floor. But right then the air turned on. So then my instructor brought me to the top. The air hurt my cheeks, so I looked up. I saw an air vent, but the air only hurt my neck even more.

When I got out, half of me was happy it was over, but the other half wanted to go again. My heart was pounding like it was a hammer. And what seemed crazy was that a boy was so anxious to go. And when he got on, he went macaroni! That was kind of how I did it the first time. But I guess I like indoor skydiving.


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