Home Alone

8 Apr

By Magaly Armas
3rd Grade

My sister and I were never separated from each other for days. We were like best sisters. I wanted to know why my sister left me. She knows we have never been separated from each other.

My mom was getting ready to go to work. I was asleep in my room. My dad was doing the same thing as my mom. My mom and dad left to go to work. My brother, sister, and I were still asleep.

My brother was the first one to wake up. When he woke up he took a shower and brushed his teeth. He got dressed when he got out of the shower. He went to get his keys and jacket and got in the car and left the house.

My sister was the second one to wake up. She did the same thing as my brother. She got the brush and plugged in her straightener. When she was done she was watching TV. She was really pretty.

I was the last one to wake up. I did the same thing as my brother and sister. My sister was outside and I was inside. I was home alone and my sister was with her friends. I was upstairs hugging my bear. I was hugging my bear so tight that I felt like I was in wonderland.

When I opened my eyes, I was wondering where everyone was. I was scared a lot.


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