Elitch Gardens

8 Apr

By Noel Ruiz
3rd Grade

I went to go get a hair cut at Gloria’s place. She cut my hair and my brother Antonio’s. And she finished and we went back to our house to shower and remove the hair. Then we finished showering and we had to wait until 5:00 because it was 12:42.

Meanwhile, I was playing the Wii with my sister and couldn’t win her because she threw fastballs at me. And finally I won her and it was 1:50.

And I went outside to play with my brother. I was the bad guy and he was the policeman. And when we got back inside it was 4:27.

Then we started to get ready to go to Elitch Gardens, but my brother and sister and me couldn’t wait. And we went to Elitch Gardens. I was very nervous.

We went swimming in the water, and we swam until it was time to get out. Then we went to change, and we went on a lot of rides.

First we went to the motorcycles, and they go up and down. Then we went to the bus that would go up and down like the motorcycles. I felt like my head switched with my heart.

Then we went to bumper cars. I was with my brother Antonio, and we were crashing Magaly’s car a lot. We couldn’t stop crashing it, so much that one of the lights turned off. And they got mad at me and I couldn’t go on the ride any more.

Then we went to a ride called the Ferris wheel and my brother and I got to the top. And my brother got scared but my sister didn’t.

Then we got on the last ride. I went on the dragon ride with my sister and my brother. I needed to do it because there were some other kids that were smaller than me, and I didn’t want to be embarrassed by them. So I got on the ride with my sister and my brother. We got on the dragon boat, and it started slow. And then it got faster and higher. My brother got so nervous, but my sister and I were happy. My brother hugged my sister and cried and almost fainted. I used to be very scared of the ride, but now it changed my life by going on it.


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