All Aboard the Hospital

8 Apr

By Haven Hill-Schmick

3rd Grade

I remember I’ve been outside playing in the garden or in parks many, many times before. I remember this one time in the garden when I was really young, hanging from the railing by my knees and swaying from side to side, front and back. And many times, even to this day, I walk along the top of the cement wall surrounding my garden. But one time, I did a dangerous thing:

“Please?” I asked my mom.

“Sure,” she said. “But Dexter and Roman are coming, too.”

“I know. I know,” I replied.

I zipped back into the living room and asked my brother, who was on his Nintendo, if he wanted to play outside with me.

“Okay,” he said as he looked up from his electronics.

“Well, put your shoes on,” I said as I went past the kitchen and down the stairs.

“Hey, Dexy, want to come and play outside with Roman and me?” I blurted out when I fell on the floor. I had run down eleven stairs and jumped 12 and 13.

“Sure,” she replied.

Yes! I thought dreamily as I skipped up the steps to get my shoes on.

When I looked out the clean, clear window, Roman and my mom were already out. I took a sparkly princess step toward the door. I felt my heart bumping fast like thunder in a sprinkly storm of snow. Something inside me told me that I love going outside. I pressed down on the handle and the door flew open. I jumped out. The moment my sneakers touched the ground, wind gushed on my pigtails and they flew backwards like worms that come up for rain and fall back down when the dark cloud vanishes. I took a deep breath and stepped down to the garden.

I watched as my sister came down also, step by step. “Let’s play tag!” I said.

“You’re it!” Dexter said as she pushed my shoulder back.

“Now you’re it, tag!” I said as I lunged forward, swung my arm, and missed. “I’m gonna go play something else,” I said as my eyes slowly turned mischievously toward the railing across the garden, like a spider slowly preparing to pounce on its prey and vanish again back into the shadows.

“Fine,” she said. “But Roman and I are going to keep playing tag.”

“Sure,” I said, as I skipped off to the railing, which gave me the happy memories of those other times long ago when I would swing on the railings like a coo-coo crazy baby gorilla in its happy tree. Yep, I was used to it.

I carefully got on and slid down. “Weeeee!” I thought. A couple of runs later, I was halfway through when suddenly, BOOM!

My head was down, half because I was scared and upset, half because I didn’t want blood to drip down my clothes and on the chair of the hospital waiting room.

Then a nurse came pushing a bed and put my gently on it and pushed it to the emergency room. I saw lights flashing. I felt dizzy. I heard my family’s voices. Then a masked nurse came in and put a weird paste on my head. He said it was like toothpaste. I guess it was like sleeping paste, because right after that, I fell asleep.


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