Not a Zombie Yet

18 Oct

By Sophia Venters-Sefic
8th Grade

The shotgun roared. The lifeless body flew off the hood of the jeep. Her heart pounded in her chest and she found it hard to breathe. The blood ran through her veins like fire. For the streets were littered with the walking dead, with their sick ghastly faces, calling out to you with their aching moans. And they seemed quite intent on eating you for lunch.

Rosemary glared down at the thing she called a sister, gun in hand and fear striking in her eyes. She had hollow cheeks and straggly red hair like her little one. But not a zombie. No, not yet. Not the soulless, negligent things they were constantly immobilized with. For their wings had been broken and for the first time they were forced to survive. Normal life and hope had been stripped from them and amended at the top of the mountain of freedom.

They were two scared girls with only one word to keep them going: run.


Bliss woke to the rumble of a snore. Startled, she jumped up. WIth a shaking knife in hand, she glared at Rose, sound asleep. On her watch.

With a sigh, she plopped down on the bottom of the sleeping bag. And, carefully facing away from Rose, she peeled out a Twix from her pocket. Licking her lips, she dove into it. With her taste buds dancing, her hunger slowly ceased. She stuck the other half of the bar back into her pocket as a present for Rose. She heard a rustle.

Smiling, she murmured, “About time you woke up,” only to be answered with a hard groan. “Ya, you lazy-head, time to get up.”

Bliss turned around to tease her sister some more, only to behold eyes that filled her with fear. One of those creatures was approaching. Much like the others, it had pale green skin, clammy hands, and a decaying body. But each one was different. They still had the traits of natural human form. This one was male, with dark brown matted hair and striking red eyes. He lunged toward them. Fear filled her with adrenaline and she found it hard to focus. Her breathing became rapid. She reached for her knife, but could not grasp it free from its shell. Closer, it was getting closer, faster than she could handle it.

But no, it wasn’t coming for her. It was coming for Rose. A surge of emotion came and she screamed. With the lack of capability to re-think, she pulled out the gun and shot. Boom! The kick-back brought her to her knees, but the bullet brought the zombie to his. The blood oozed out of his temple and he let out one last groan.

And there stood Rose, livid, head tipped to one side, hands on hips, eyes piercing, as if she was trying to shoot lasers at her. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Seems like you are now!” Bliss snapped back.

“I mean before. Now look what you’ve done.”

Bliss was filled with fury. “Saved your life? Ya.”

“With a gun.”


“You used your gun instead of your knife, and now you risk both of our lives!” she screamed. “The sounds can be heard for miles around.”

“Oh,” Bliss murmured. And in the far distance, they could hear a faint moan.

“Let’s go,” Rose said.

So they ran throughout the night. Endless miles and miles they ran. It became cold and it began to snow. Their vision became blurred as they trudged through the fluff. Their visible breath made wisps through the air, their muscles ached, and their clammy shirts clung to their backs.

Rosemary recollected the happy memories she had left. Young, without responsibility, when she used to be tucked in with her sister under the warm covers – where they would be on a day like this. But now their parents were gone, slaughtered by the things they called friends.

“Zombie!” Bliss screamed.

In a moment, Rose snatched the ax from her pack, spun herself around, and hacked its head off. With no mercy. No, not here. For here you didn’t have a moral code. “You okay? Did it get to you?” Rose stuttered.

“Fine,” Bliss whimpered back.

Rose smiled. “Good.”

Bliss shuddered, so Rose hugged her. And for a split moment, nothing was wrong, no fear, death, pain, nothing. Then it happened. Bliss screamed. The blood dribbled down her neck as the teeth sank in. Her knees buckled and she sank through Rose’s arms.

Rose cried, “No no no!” smashing the monster’s head beneath her foot. Rushing to Bliss, she sank next to her, combing her fingers through her hair. “You’re okay…You’re going to be okay…”

Bliss smiled. She was not a zombie. No, not yet. She had these precious moments. “Don’t let me become one of them.” She trembled and her eyes fluttered and began to close.

“No!” Rose cried, pulling the gun out. “I’m so sorry.”

And the shotgun roared.


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