L and the Invisible Wings

18 Oct

By Camilla Pernell
6th Grade

When L first met the shinigami, he thought that selling half of a life – his life more importantly – in return for invisible wings sounded preposterous. But when his friend Light came to school with a behemoth black eye, L decided to take action.

L was the only person who knew how Light’s dad abused him over trivial things. Although L never knew his parents, when parents abused their children it made L furious. And the sad thing was that Light was such a bright kid, not corrupted in the least. L knew that Light wouldn’t willingly leave his mother, so he decided he would have to force Light by doing one thing: kidnapping him. L reinforced his plan at school on Wednesday.

“Hello, Light. Do you want me to drop you off at your house after school?” L asked.

“Sure, thanks. I’ll meet you in the school parking lot,” Light replied.

The day passed by more slowly than normal for L, the tedious lessons dragging on about stuff he had learned when he was ten. Finally the last bell rang and L rushed to the parking lot. Light was already there.

“This way,” L directed.

Light followed him closely. L stopped in front of a black van with only one window, which was tinted.

“Nice ride. Your parents must spoil you,” Light commented enviously.

L nodded, but he thought about how he really just hijacked the car from a dealer’s. Light climbed into the passenger’s seat and L started the car. L sped through the city, out into the farm areas where Light lived. L detoured all around and finally stopped next to a pond.

“Where did you take me?” Light asked.

“I was about to run out of gas,” L explained.

Light narrowed his eyes. “Right…” Light looked across the farmland. In that moment, L extended his wings. Light whipped around. “What was that?” he shouted. “It sounded like a flock of birds flapping their wings!”

L then walked over and hugged Light. Tightly.

“Oh! What are you doing? L, you’re acting strange!” Light cried.

L tightened his grip on the flustered Light and lifted off. Light fainted when they reached three meters above ground. L continued climbing the sky. L watched the farmlands below him, watching out for signs of humans.

Just when L let his guard down, a strangled cry reached him. “Look! It’s the work of the devil!” a farmer shouted.

Oh great, L thought.

The farmer’s family looked up, and they all gasped. The teenage daughter whipped out her phone. L started flying as fast as he could with Light still in his arms, which wasn’t very fast. As the farm people faded into the distance, L still remained tense.

L stopped flying and took a break every hour or so. At about ten p.m., L swooped down into an alley, out of sight.

L stepped into a bar. “Can you please turn the channel to the local news?” L asked the man at the bar.

The bartender eyed him. “Sure…” He flipped the TV to Channel 9 News.

“And we actually have a picture of the flying person!” the news woman said as a picture of L flying appeared. It was fuzzy, but still enough. “The government has been sent out to track this boy because the missing boy, Light Turner, is in his arms. Let’s hope they can find him. Next is – ”

L walked out of the bar, shaking just the tiniest bit. The government. After him. And if they were to catch him, Light would go home. L would have wasted half of his life.

When L got to the alley, he found a very dazed Light waiting for him. “What happened? Where are we? What are you?” These questions and more came out of Light’s mouth.

“You wouldn’t understand. But we gotta go. Here, drink this,” L said. He handed Light a glass of alcohol. Light chugged it down, thinking it was water.

“Oh my god! Are you trying to kill me? Is this alcohol?” Light shouted. L blocked out Light’s voice with his hand. “Mmmffgh!!!” Light tried to scream.

A man walked out of the bar. “Hey, is everything all right, man?” the guy asked.

“Yeah. My friend here is a bad drunk. I have to restrict him,” L covered up. Hopefully he’ll believe me, L thought.

“Oh, alright man. If you say so.” The man hastily walked back into the bar. Underage drinkers? he thought. The non-drunk guy looks old enough, but not the drunk. He shook his head. No need to bother himself on one of the rare days he got away from his bothersome wife.

“Listen, Light. You need to calm down,” L reasoned. The drink had probably started affecting Light’s system, because he actually nodded. “I’m going to fly now, okay?” L used a voice you might use with a kindergartner. “I’m going to stop restraining you now, okay?” Light nodded. L carefully removed his hands from Light’s mouth and wrist.

Light took a deep breath, and then burst into a full-speed sprint.

Darn it! L thought. L took off after Light. It was then that L wished he went to the gym. “Light! Wait! You’re drunk! I want to help you!” L called.

No use trying to appeal to Light, because he wasn’t slowing down. L could see that Light was now in the fields next to the town. L used the last of his leg-strength to get to the fields. Then he extended his wings. L pushed upwards with a burst of strength, not even caring if people saw him. He whizzed along to catch up to Light.

“Light… calm down! I can…explain!” L huffed.

Light stopped running. “Oh, what’s the use,” Light said to himself. “I can’t outrun you. Plus I have alcohol in my veins.” Light turned to glare at L. “Why’d you try to intoxicate me in the first place?”

L looked sheepish. “I thought it might knock you out, so I can fly with you easily,” L responded.

“Aaagaaah!!!” A scream ran through the town. “It’s the flying boy!”

L paled and looked at Light. “Will you fly with me? Willingly?” L asked.

Light thought about it, as the townspeople ran to the fields. Light came to a decision when the first townsperson was only a measly five meters away. “I will.”

L hugged Light tight, and they ran so they could make a better takeoff. L jumped, and they were in the air. Ten feet, twenty feet, fifty feet, one-hundred feet in the air!

The next few days consisted of flying, eating, talking, and sleeping. By then they were really starting to stink, especially L from all his sweating. Also, L and Light didn’t fight anymore. They just couldn’t. They agreed on too many subjects to really hold an argument.

As more days passed, L realized his face was well known among citizens, from all the pictures taken of him. The government had now identified them as “L Turner” and missing boy “Light Fitzgerald” and were tracking their movements. So L decided to stop moving. But in order to stop moving, he needed an ally. When L explained this to Light, he agreed.

For the next several days they traveled into cafés and restaurants until they found someone who looked incredibly sincere and kind. It was on a Saturday when L found her. She worked at a maid café and seemed beautiful inside and out. L pointed her out to Light. He agreed. It was her.

While he waited to talk to her, L decided to tell Light everything. About the Shinigami, about how bad Light’s family environment really was, everything. So he explained it all to Light. He told Light about his deal to sell half of his life for invisible wings, just for Light. That led to him sincerely pointing out to Light that his family situation was unbearable.

Light chuckled in disbelief. “You do realize thousands of kids live in worse situations than I do?” Without giving L time to answer, he continued. “You know what we should do? Start a program to help kids like me.”

L laughed, and Light did too. “Once we get out of this mess,” L commented.

“We will. I swear on my depressed mother.”

L cracked his knuckles and got up. He went over to the maid-waitress, whose name was Rosalie. He chatted with her a bit before telling her his secret. Rosalie wasn’t even surprised, and she promised L and Light a place to stay.

“We’ll never forget you!” L told her, after she let them into her apartment.

Rosalie blushed and nodded. “Bye-bye!” she called over her shoulder.

As L slept, he felt nervous. This was all too perfect. Too easy. What young woman lets two high school runaways live in her apartment temporarily?

L awoke and shook Light awake. “We’re going. Now,” L commanded.

No questions. Just a nod.

But they were too late. When L stepped onto the balcony with Light and lifted into the air, he saw police down below. Lots of police. Rosalie had betrayed them. Of course. A helicopter soared above L and Light.

“Release the kid, and no harm will come to you!” a man yelled through a megaphone.

L started to panic. All of this government coming to take a kid back to his abusive dad. Ironic, huh? L thought.

A man leaned out of the the helicopter, bearing a rifle.

“Release!” a man yelled. “Set the boy down now!”

L did a 360, looking at all of his opponents. There were too many. Too many people, too many guns, and way too much misunderstanding.

The man shot at the space next to L as a warning. Little did he know that he had actually shot L’s wing. When the man saw L wince and fly a little lower, he was shocked. He tried again, and got the same results. He tried again. Lower, lower, lower. L’s feet now practically touched the ground. Light jumped out of L’s arms.

“I’m fine!” Light yelled to his friend. “Go and save yourself. Or better yet, come with me to tell the truth!”

L couldn’t take it anymore. The noise set off a killer headache, his wings caused him to tremble with pain, and now Light wanted to go back, where he’d meet his furious father and depressed mother. L shuddered and then collapsed.


“Silly human. Why are you so selfless?” the shinigami asked. L sat up and looked around. Only darkness confronted him.

“Shinigami?” L called.

“Here, child.”

L blinked. “Am I dead?”


“Will I die?”

“Yes. All humans die someday. It’s pitiful.”

L was annoyed. “Is Light okay?”

“Find out yourself. I’ve only called you here to tell you that you shouldn’t worry about your wings. I healed them for you.”


After that, L saw a faint light. He stood up and walked towards it, wondering if his time was at an end. But no. As L walked, the light became more distinct and he saw a hospital room. He also saw Light’s face through the light. That made L run faster, until a darkness filled his vision.

“He’s awake!” L heard Light call.

“Hi,” L rasped. “Did you tell the authorities everything?”

Light smiled. “I told them about my abusive father, my depressed mother, and how you did nothing wrong. However, I did not tell them about your wings or the shinigami. Was I right to do that?” Light asked.

L smiled. “So will you be in a foster home or with relatives?” he asked.

“Foster home.”

“Why?” Light smiled.

“So I can stay with you.”


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