The Kitten in the Snow

13 Jun

by Molly Cunningham

Hello, little, lonely kitten.
I reach out with a cozy mitten
to hold you close,
to hold you tight,
keep you from the ice tonight,
away from the pain and harm.

They saw your tiny mewling face,
and decided for you they had no place.
So they kicked you out
into the snow,
so small and shivering, grey with cold,
while your litter was safe and warm.

But here’s a pocket of my coat,
lined with fleece and comfort so
you’ll never see
the ice on your whiskers
or the cruel faces of those who saved your sisters
but left you in winter’s dark.

So welcome little, lovely kitten.
If only one poem, softly written,
could change the world,
could save the others,
the animals no longer abandoned to suffer,
and leave a lasting mark.


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