3 May

Avid readers and imaginative writers, the budding poets at Rachel B. Noel Middle School are composing some wonderful poems! So far, the 7th and 8th grade students have explored why writers write, where they get their ideas, and connections between poetry and visual art. Below are two poems from the class, “No Matter What” by Heaven-Leigh Howard and”Writing” by Natalia Murillo.

No Matter What

by Heaven-Leigh Howard

She asks as if it’s my fault,

as if I am to blame.

I try to apologize

but it ends up the same.

I talk to my other mom but she

doesn’t care.

Sometimes I wonder why

can’t life be fair.

As for our relationship,

I can’t even say it’s getting there.

I’ve been trying my best

and my achievements are awfully loud

but I guess it doesn’t matter

because no matter what


she will never be proud.





 by Natalia Murillo

Writing is simple really,

just that people don’t see it.

They think it’s difficult, they think it’s hard.

They think it’s stupid, they think it’s dumb.

They probably don’t see it because their heart is numb.

They shut off their brains.

They do this for days.

Everyone can write.

Everyone has imagination.

But not everyone has the information.

They are oblivious to the fact

that they can write a good story.

If they just tried and wrote with all their glory…

Writing is simple really.

Just that people don’t see it.


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