The Successful Baby Fairy

3 Apr

By Heather Oakes

One day in the morning, there was a lady named Lea that was walking to her work. On her way to her work there was a man walking right next to her. When she was about to open the door to her work the man scattered in front of her. Then they got inside, and Lea heard him walking right behind her.

Lea stopped and turned around and said, “Why are you following me?”

“Oh, I’m not following you. I work here,” said the man. “My name is Leo, if you want to know.”

Lea said, “Oh. Well, me name is Lea.” Then Lea walked away.

At the end of a very tiring day of work, Lea went home and jumped on her bed and said to herself, “Oh, today was almost like I fell in love!”

The next morning Lea picked up her feet thinking that she was going to see Leo on her way to work. Leo was sitting on the couch with two coffee cups in his hand. Leo got up and said, “Morning! How are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you!” exclaimed Lea.

Leo handed Lea a cup of coffee.

Lea said, “Thank you!” Then she grabbed the coffee and started walking.

Leo said in a loud voice, “Would you go out to dinner with me?”

Lea exclaimed in a high-pitched voice, “YES!” Then Lea turned around with a big grin and kept walking.

That night they had dinner. They both went home at 9:00 p.m. and jumped on their beds and said, “That was the best dinner I have ever had.”

After a long relationship, Lea and Leo became girlfriend and boyfriend. After three months of being together, Lea got pregnant and she knew that if she told him that she was pregnant he would leave her. After nine months, she knew that the baby was coming at that moment. Lea called Leo and he took Lea to the hospital. After taking Lea to the hospital and back home with the baby, Leo did not say anything to her.

Lea asked, “Are you mad at me?”

Leo said, “If you would have told me a long time ago, I would want to marry you. I am not your boyfriend anymore.”

Lea named the baby Arabella. Lea was so sad that she had to take care of the baby by herself. Arabella was  sad, too. Lea did not know that Arabella was a fairy. Arabella understood everything that was happening and how her mom felt. One night, Arabella got out of her crib and went to the fairy king. Arabella got to the king’s castle and the guards let Arabella in.

Arabella asked the king, “Would you, Your Highness, make my parents fairies?”

The king asked, “Who are you and why do you want to make your parents fairies?”

“Oh, well, my name is Arabella, and my parents are humans, and they were not married. My dad broke up with my mom and I want to get them back together,” said Arabella.

The king said, “Oh, well, I can. To make your parents fairies, you have to find my magic stick. Can you do it?”

“Yes!” said Arabella.

Arabella immediately went searching for the magic stick. She remembered that the king told her that she had one hour. He also said that she should not let anyone get the stick before she found it or while she had it.

Arabella was so nervous because people kept saying, “Hey, come here! Buy this and that!”

Arabella said, “No.”

Then she saw the stick, but a man found it and snatched it. She looked at the time, and she only had thirty minutes left and she had to hurry. Then she stepped in front of the man that had the stick and snatched it out of his hands, and he said, “Don’t be such a hippy.”

Arabella said back to him, “You don’t be such a hippy.”

The man said back to Arabella, “Because I am a hippy.”

She looked at the time again, and she only had five more minutes and the castle was far away. Arabella said, “But this is for my parents. I’M COMING, MOM AND DAD!” When Arabella got to the gate of the castle, she only had one minute to give the stick to the king. She ran as fast as she could and got to the king just in time.

The king was astonished that this one little girl could find the stick for her parents and that she did not give up hope. The king made his decision, and his answer was yes. Arabella ran to the king and gave him a big hug. Then she realized that she was hugging the king and that she was not allowed to do that.

Arabella stepped back and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, my king.”

Then the king said, “That is all right. No one has hugged me in a long time.” The king’s wife was right next to him, and he said, “Except for my beloved wife.”

Then the king grabbed his magic wand and said, “Turn the parents of Arabella into fairies.” Then appeared Lea, then Leo, and then they got up out of their beds and had wings. They both woke up and hugged each other. Then they both hugged Arabella, only remembering that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that they had a daughter. Lea and Leo decided to marry each other and they lived happily ever after… with Arabella, of course.


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