The Popular

3 Apr

By Yahaira Hernandez

One day there was an ugly, bad, no-good girl in the School of Highland. She was an evil person, so she thought that everyone liked her, so she decided to call herself The Popular. The Popular became bossy and greedy. Everyone as too tired of her. All the students wanted her to leave the school.

In the community where she lived, everyone was nice and respectful, but not her. She would always pretend to be texting with a Barbie phone. The Popular would not listen to her parents, and at school she would not care about her grades.

Days passed, months and years… Then she became more disrespectful. Nobody could stop her.

One day, The Popular went to school and everyone was crowded around the new girl. The Popular was so angry, because the new girl got all the attention. The Popular went up to the new girl, called Daniella, and told her, “I’m the boss of Highland, so move it! What is this commotion all about?” The Popular did not have feelings for anyone. She even did not like the new girl at all. When The Popular talked to Daniella, she did not know what to do, so she went crying to the bathroom. Then the bell ran and everyone went to their class.

At lunchtime, The Popular would always forget her lunch money and she would steal it from people. This time, Daniella was in front of her and The Popular saw that she had a purse and a little bag that had money. The Popular did not think twice and took the money. But Daniella did not remember about the money in her purse. The Popular thought that she would not be able to eat because she did not have money, but Daniella had some money in her pants. The Popular got so mad that she was going to open a bag of chips and it exploded. Later, Daniella know that the money was missing. She figured out it was The Popular that stole it. Daniella was not a normal girl. She had a mission and that special mission was with The Popular.

Daniella did not want anybody to know her secret, not even where she lived. One day some girls invited Daniella to a sleepover, but first she had to know if The Popular was going, because she had to know everything. What was especially Daniella’s mission was to investigate everything about The Popular and hang out with her. Daniella did not know how to hang out with The Popular or how to act.

One day, Daniella started acting like The Popular in school. Nobody knew what was going on. The Popular started to find out that she and Daniella had a lot in common, so she decided to hang out with her. One night, The Popular and Daniella were going to a party, but something unexpected happened. Daniella revealed her secret to The Popular.

Daniella’s face started to change. She turned ugly and old. Her skin turned green, her nose grew, a giant wart popped out. The Popular tried to run away, but it was too late. She was in Witch Land.

The Popular was so scared she did not know what to do. She saw witches everywhere. Daniella told all the witches to leave and to tie up The Popular and leave her alone. After that, Daniella was always treating her bad. She stole her money, pushed her, and did everything to her that The Popular did to other people. Then Daniella left her for days, maybe months. The Popular did not know the time, but just wanted to get out. Daniella said, “I really don’t have time to get her out. Anyway this will teach her a lesson.”

In Highland, everyone thought that The Popular left the school and she would never come back. Everyone in her class was so happy, even the whole school was excited that she had left. Now the teachers finally believed all the students because the parents were complaining about The Popular.

The parents of The Popular were really worried. They thought that she would never come back. They even went with police officers so they could investigate where she might be. But the police did nothing about it. The parents were desperate. They put signs everywhere asking people to call if they had information about their daughter.

Daniella was so tired of The Popular. She was always screaming, saying, “Help! Help! Help me, please!” She did not let all the witches sleep, not even Daniella. Daniella decided to let her go, but she would always take care of The Popular.

When The Popular got back to Highland she acted differently, because she remembered that Daniella had told her, “I’m going to watch every move you do.” The Popular started being nice so that Daniella would not come back for her. Everyone was happy that The Popular was acting differently. They did not know what had happened to Daniella. Now that she was nice she changed her name to Gabriella. Now Gabriella could tell people that acted like she used to act to really be nice to other people.

Always treat people the way you want to be treated.

The End


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