The Magical/Cursed Dog

3 Apr

By Francesca Maturo

In a beautiful, all magic kingdom, lived a young, about-eight-year-old princess named Bella and her good, trained, cursed, perfect dog named Staysi. They both lived in a golden, huge castle, which was ruled by the king and queen: Bella’s parents. One day, Staysi and Bella went to the public, beautiful, and amazing park. Staysi was looking around while Bella was playing tag with the other about-her-age kids. Staysi was sniffing around until she got to the entrance to an awesome, cool looking, underground cave. Bella quickly ran over to where Staysi as and they both entered the cave together. “Peuuuuuuu!” said Bella. “It smells like death and animals in here. They follwed the narrow, long path, which led into a big, huge room. The room was full of jars that contained eyes, brains, guts, legs, arms, stomachs, but most importantly: potion. At the very end of the room, they saw an ugly witch who had a big, huge mole under her lips.

Bella tried to ignore her face and quickly said, “What’re you doing?”

The witch turned around with a mad face and said very anxiously, “Making potion. Want to try it?” The witch threw the potion at her.

Quickly, Staysi jumped in front of Bella to block the potion from hitting her. The potion spilled all over Staysi, but nothing happened. They quickly ran out of the cave and went back to the golden castle.

When they both got to the castle, they figured nothing terrifying had happened to the dog, but then: midnight came. When the moon was in the middle of the sky weird sounds started, which made Bella wake up. It had happened. Staysi was not a big, huge COYOTE. “AHHHHHHH!” screamed Bella with fright, not recognizing her loved puppy.

Staysi didn’t recognize she was a huge, frightening coyote, so she didn’t know why Bella was screaming. Trying to be friendly, Staysi went closer to her, but Bella whacked her with a golden, pink baseball bat. Staysi fell in front of a mirror, and she realized that she was a…COYOTE. Staysi was paralyzed because of what she had seen. A moment after that, the guards walked in. She knew she had to immediately leave the room. She jumped over the fifty-two guards and out of the window, which was five-hundred feet above the ground. She fell for almost five minutes, which felt like eternity. “Wooshhh!” the wind sounded against her brown fur. Finally, she reached the floor. Luckily, she was faster and more flexible as a coyote, so she didn’t DIE. The guards quickly appeared behind her, so she had to run as fast as a lightning bolt so the guards couldn’t catch her or find her. With very great luck, Staysi had dived over all the guards and gotten away.

Staysi had no idea where to go. She didn’t want to be seen as a big, huge, ugly, furry coyote. “Who would like a coyote?” she asked herself in dog language, with tears coming from her huge, reddish, ugly but kind of pretty eyes. Staysi thought and thought of where to go. She couldn’t think of anywhere to go except for the castle where she beloned with her owner, Princess Bella. Staysi knew she couldn’t go back because they would kick her back out and probably kill her. Finally (while she was walking in the dark) she found a city trash can, which she stayed in until morning.

The morning came. The sun was barely waking up, just like Staysi. When she woke up, she found a piece of glass where she saw herself. SHE WAS A DOG AGAIN. “YEAHHHHHHH!” She screamed with happiness while getting ready to go back to the castle where she belonged.

Staysi finally arrived at the castle, but that was not a happy moment. The castle was blocked with guards from side to side. Not even a corner was unblocked. “How could this be?” wondered Staysi in dog language. The guards wouldn’t let anyone or anything in or out. Staysi got so sad, but mostly frustrated, because she had walked ten miles and now she had to go back to the trash can. The guards thought she was going to damage the princess, so they wouldn’t let her come close because they didn’t recognize her. Staysi decided to go back to the trash can and wait until morning arrived so she could go back.

She finally got to the trash can. There she wondered if the curse was permanent or not. Staysi waited and waited until she heard the town’s clock strike midnight. Staysi actually DID turn into a coyote!!!!!!! “Oh no, I am cursed forever and there is no way to fix me,” said Staysi in dog language. She stayed alone where nobody could see her, but she couldn’t hide herself. “Auuuuuuu! Auuuuuuu! Auuuuuuu!” Staysi howled. All the villagers kept hearing that annoying sound, so they decided to go check it out. The next thing she knew, she was being chased by an…ANGRY MOB. She tried to dodge all the people, but she couldn’t – until she became a dog again.

Meanwhile, the beautiful princess was thinking, “How could Staysi have run away? I love her and she loves me.” Another day of depression passed. Bella was sad and so was Staysi.

The days passed as quick as a lightning bolt and the nights as fast as a turtle could ever be. Staysi was so sad about what had happened, she didn’t even want to go near the castle because she would cry. She thought and thought of whether to go or not to go to the castle. While she was thinking, she got pulled into a van.

Finally she realized she was DOG-NAPPED. The van moved faster than ever, and then boom, it stopped. The man who had taken the puppy was wearing all black. He quickly put the puppy in a huge cage and went to sleep in the front seat of the car. The man had no idea about the curse, so he had a peaceful nap until midnight came, which was when the dog turned into a COYOTE. Staysi quickly got out of the old car, spilled saliva on the man, grabbed him by the shirt, and finally threw him across the kingdom.

After that, she quickly galloped to the golden castle where she belonged. Staysi entered Bella’s room, where Bella started screaming. Bella was terrified. About two minutes later (when Staysi was about to jump out of the five-hundred-foot window) Bella saw Staysi holding a collar that said her name. “Staysi!” Bella screamed and went to hug her. With honor, Bella put her crown on top of Staysi, which surprisingly turned her into a dog again. The dog-napper was found at the volcano valley and was taken away by the guards to the dungeon. After that, everyone including Bella and Staysi lived happily ever after.

The end


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