The Love For Books

3 Apr

By Liliana Salcido

Once upon a time, there lived two orphans, a brother and a sister. The sister, Stephanie, a.k.a. Stephie, was in love with books. The brother, Joe, was in love with his handsome face. Even though they had no problems, they practically hated each other. One day, Stephie went to the book store. She decided to buy a book about magic. Of course, she didn’t think it would actually work. But when she got home and read it, she got sucked in it. Literally. Now Joe was the only one who could save her.

“Help me! Help me!” yelled Stephanie, still trapped in the lonely darkness. She walked through the thick pages. She was crying and her heart was beating so hard, as if it were dancing. She felt as if she was in a dream, a deep dark one. She tried to look at the bright side of the situation, but there didn’t really seem to be one.

Joe, on the other hand, was enjoying his day. He was at the local market checking out girls. Apparently they were checking him out too. But, he had a feeling (who knows why) that his sister was in trouble. Usually he wouldn’t care, but this time it felt to him as if it was very important. So he went back, running to his small old cottage, where something important was yet to be found out.

When he arrived, he saw books on the table. He once heard an old man say to him, “Never trust magic books or books that describe magic. Some people say that the queen in the books has a spell to trap people inside them. They say it’s for disturbing her property.”

So, Joe checked out the book. Everything looked normal. Except for the fact that his sister was in it! Joe wondered, “What am I supposed to do with this twerp in this book?”

He went back to the local market to see if anyone knew the solution to this nonsense. And someone did! It was a woman and this is what she said, “You must find another magic book, but it has to have the letter ‘R’ on it.”

Well, Joe did find the book, but the only problem was: which spell was it? There were over one thousand spells.

Of course, when you’re trapped inside a magic book you can’t see what’s happening in the outside world. You can only see three things: darkness, the paper, which was brownish-whitish, and the letters! It was awkward though. Stephie wasn’t brave nor strong. So what would she do in this lonely darkness?

When Joe fell asleep, he woke up again, remembering something. Joe had had a dream. It wasn’t a weird dream but it still was unusual. He was dreaming of what had happened throughout his day. Not all of it, though. He dreamt about when he got the “R” book. He remembered there were over ten or fifteen “R” books. He didn’t even know what the “R” stood for. Until, something hit him. Literally.

It was the older woman he spoke to during the day. Her name was Ariel. She spoke with a thick, foreign accent. And she said, “You fool. You didn’t wait for me to finish. I was going to say. “The only real ‘R’ book is in a far-away land, where an evil witch rules. Her name is Mora. So what are you waiting for?! Go on. Oh! And the “R” stands for revenge. Watch out for elves!”

And in fact, after Joe packed all his belongings, he headed toward the far-away land. It was a long way, but he made it. Apparently the land was called Far Far From Anything, or FFFA. The place seemed dark, but Joe had seen worse.

Joe kept on walking. He bumped into little people. They were elves! They all lined up in a line. They asked Joe a question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” If he didn’t answer the question right, he couldn’t leave. So Joe answered, “To get to the other side.” And they let him pass.

That night Joe spent the night in a cave. The cave was amazingly clean, but it was hard to find its location. He kept on thinking of the thick, foreign words Ariel had said, “In FFFA, an evil queen, Mora, rules.” He didn’t know whether to believe Ariel or not. This was because the land seemed quiet and pacific. It didn’t seem as if it were ruled by an evil queen…But, something interrupted his thoughts. It was a bright light.

He walked towards it. It was a really bright light. It almost, he thought, blinded his eyes. Then, it seemed to him that an “R” appeared on a rectangle-shaped object. He picked it up. It was the “R” book. Wait. Could it be? Or was it another replica? But then he thought, “It has to be the right one.”

“Woah! Hold on a second,” Joe thought. “I thought Ariel said there was going to be an evil queen. That lying woman.” But he spoke too soon. Somehow the evil queen, Mora, appeared in front of him. She demanded the book.

Joe knew where she was going with this. But before she even lifted her weightless wand up, Joe read a spell and recited it. Right then and there, a huge explosion happened. The queen was dead and everything was back to normal.

After Joe killed the queen and saved his sister, someone adopted them. And they lived happily ever after, but of course Stephie and Joe got along better.

The End


One Response to “The Love For Books”

  1. hiyacynthia April 6, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Now, this sounds like a budding writer! Nice!

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