The Lost Princess

3 Apr

By Sofia Aguirre

Once upon a time, a young beautiful baby girl was born and left on a rich family’s steps. That young, beautiful baby girl’s name was Valeria. The rich family was the Hernandez family. The Hernandez family had three blonde kids. That family included seven-year-old Bryan, ten-year-old Fatima, twelve-year-old Patricia, forty-year-old Adrian, and last, but not least, thirty-five-year-old Cassandra. Cassandra and Adrian took care of Valeria until she was fourteen.

She started to notice that she didn’t look like them. Besides the fact that she had brown hair and they had blonde, she liked reading, they liked eating, she was sensitive, but they weren’t. One day, she asked Cassandra and Adrian for her real parents. But of course, it was a mystery for her because they didn’t tell her. One suspicious day, she went looking for a clue about her parents.

Fourteen-year-old, wicked, tricky, sneaky, hated, old Wanda read the most recent news in the newspaper. The most recent news was the following:

THE LOST PRINCESS, written by Dexter Hill-Schmick
“Oh no!” yelled Queen Elizabeth. “Today our lost daughter, whom we left on a family’s steps, turns fourteen! We haven’t seen her for that long!!”

“Hmmm… I would love to get everything I want. I’ll get makeup from my cousin Rasputia and then I can make myself look like them,” Wanda thought to herself.

That same day, Valeria passed by a garbage can. Surprisingly, she saw a girl inside the garbage can! That girl was Wanda! They started talking and they became friends. Wanda acted nice because she knew that Valeria was the lost princess because she looked exactly like King William and Queen Elizabeth.

Valeria asked Wanda, “Why are you in that garbage can?”

“Because I live here,” responded Wanda.

Valeria thought to herself that Wanda was joking around. Apparently, she wasn’t. Valeria left because she knew she had to continue with her research. Valeria thought, “Maybe they’re trapped in the forest. I should go and look.”

When Valeria got there she knew she was lost right away. She went forward, left, forward, right, and so on. That day she wanted to get out really bad. Suddenly, a genie appeared and took her out of the forest. “That was an exhausting day!! I’m going back to my house to sleep,” Valeria said.

On her way back, she stopped by at Wanda’s house. Unexpectedly, she wasn’t there! Valeria wondered, “Where can Wanda be? I’m really worried about her.” Then she got on a bus and she saw Wanda there.

Weirdly, Wanda exclaimed, “I hate you! And by the way, I’m taking your place as the Lost Princess!

“Wanda, what are you talking about?” Valeria asked, confused.

“That’s right! You heard me! You’re the Lost Princess, but I’m not letting that happen!” Wanda was yelling.

As quick as the wind, Wanda opened the bus door and pushed Valeria off! Sadly, she broke her ankle. At her house, her mom put on a magical Band-Aid that cured all sickness.

Valeria and Wanda were mad at each other for two years.

Two years later, Wanda and Valeria met again. When they met, there were captured and were put in a room together until they had fixed their problems. And that’s what they did.

One day, Wanda took Valeria to a huge, colorful castle. There she said to the king and queen, “Here’s your long-lost daughter. Take good care of her.” As soon as she said that, a handsome teenager came down from the sky with his unicorn and asked Valeria to marry him. And that’s just what they did. And they lived happily ever after…



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