The Lamp

3 Apr

By Zian Lusero

One sunny morning the people awoke slowly. These people called themselves The Dragons because they owned a lot of dragons. All of the people thought it would be a very fantastic day. But to their surprise, the evil trolls were planning a surprise attack on the kingdom of dragons! These nasty, smell, ugly trolls called themselves The Kingdom of Snakes. The Kingdom of Snakes were attacking The Kingdom of Dragons, because the trolls needed a lot of money. They needed money because they needed to buy bricks and cement, animals and metal. The Kingdom of Snakes would make a better castle with the bricks and cement, a feast with the animals and an amazing, beautiful throne with the metal.

Once The Snakes were ready, they went off to The Kingdom of Dragons. Meanwhile, Prince Bob of The Dragons was picking a beautiful, amazing flower for his mom. You see, she was very ill. On Bob’s way back to the castle, he found a battle troll. Bob slew it! Once King Sam of The Dragons found out about this he flipped out and hurried everyone to their places. A scout troll found the dead troll’s body. Once the troll general found out he started yelling, “Attack! Charge!” So now the battle started.

All of a sudden cannonballs and arrows were flying all over the place, and trolls and humans were dying! This was a very terrible war. The war was pretty fair. There seemed to be no obvious winner. So Bob brought out a magic catapult that fired ice-balls, acid caps, fireballs and rocks. Once the ice-balls were fired the trolls retreated. And they partied and were happy. The humans were confused.

Later that night there was a ceremony. Nobody could find the king for his speech.

But then the trolls came with the king and said nastily, “If you want him back, give use one billion dollars!”

“No!” shouted Bob.

So the next day The Kingdom of Dragons came up with a plan. That was to send their six best men to retrieve the king. Later that night Bob saw fireworks that said, “To free the king look at the 6th century grave.” Bob did not understand.

Many, many miles away the sad, weak king of the humans sat in his cold jail cell. The trolls tortured the poor king. The king kept telling the trolls it would be minutes until his kingdom came and rescued him. The king was right. The six warriors came to free him. But four of them got killed. So the two warriors came back with no king!

So Bob went to his mother’s grave every day and prayed. Then he understood. Her gravestone said, “6th century grave.” Then Bob looked down and saw a magic lamp. But the magic lamp was very deep down. There were thorny thorns and a giant spider guarding the lamp.

Bob went and got a pet dragon. The dragon burned away the thorns. So now Bob went and got his shiny armor and glowing sword. Bob jumped down and battled the spider. Bob killed the spider, but he was bitten.

Later in the week, Bob woke up in the hospital. At once, he jumped out of his bed. Then he got his magic lamp and rubbed it. Poof!!! Out popped the genie. Bob said, “I wish my dad was next to me right now!” Poof! There was Sam! Then the Kingdom of Dragons lived luxuriously and happily ever after.

… and then the Kingdom of Snakes came and asked if they could unite the kingdoms. Bob said, “Yes!” Then the kingdom of Eagles (A Kingdom of trolls and humans) lived happily ever after. Until the meteor shower. But is a story for another day.

The End!


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