The Blackout

3 Apr

By Axel Pineda

In a magical world called Putonia, a 12-year-old boy named Michael was walking home, very exited and prepared for Movie Night. It was all he looked forward to all week, what with all the studying at school. But this Friday was special because it was his turn to chose the movie. Michael chose “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” That wasn’t the best part. It was also his turn to chose what food to eat, and he chose pizza, his favorite food. But the best part was that Michael’s little brother wasn’t home. That meant there would be no interruptions during the movie. When Michael was done eating, he jumped on the couch, yelling, “Best movie night ever!!!!!” Michael would regret saying those words, but didn’t know that yet. Right when Michael turned on the television, a blackout unexpectedly came.

As the night grew longer, Michael was still sitting on the couch disappointed, along with his parents at his side. Not even a word came out of their mouths. Until…

“I’ve got to do something,” said Michael, lifting himself from the couch.

“But how? You can’t see anything in this dark. All our light devices are upstairs in our room,” said Michael’s dad.

“Then I shall go upstairs, get light, and walk towards the fuse box.”

Michael knew that would be a challenge, unless he’d lived there for a long time, but the problem was that he had just lived there for two weeks. Michael was already at the bottom of the stairs, but didn’t know that. So he stepped forward instead of upward and hit his mouth on the corner of a stair.

Michael was very hurt, but also very desperate to get the flashlight lying on his mother’s and father’s bed, get to the fuse box, and save Movie Night. Michael was very careful now. Michael turned right, going toward his mom’s room. He couldn’t see anything, so he jumped in the air, hoping to land on the bed. He landed, but hit his head against the flashlight.

He moved quickly towards the fuse box. “Yay!!!!!!!!!!” He got the light on and ran downstairs five minutes before Movie Night. Michael felt proud of saving Movie Night, a tradition they never missed. During the movie, Michael looked down at the coffee table, where was lying a perfectly fine flashlight.



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