The Big Problem

3 Apr

By Adrianna Garcia

There was a girl named Gracie, and her parents had left for Las Vegas. They had left Gracie with a babysitter. Gracie had complained about having a babysitter. She had said that she wasn’t a baby anymore. Then her parents had told her that if she didn’t want a babysitter, she should act more mature.

After her parents told her that, and after they left, guess what? She acted more mature. Her babysitter stayed for about two-and-a-half days. After that, her babysitter asked if she still wanted to take care of herself. Of course Gracie’s response was, “YES, YES!! I would love to!” Her babysitter said that she could only leave Gracie for that night.

This is where the bad part starts. It wasn’t just one night that the babysitter was gone. It was already the second day. Gracie thought since she was so mean to the babysitter, the babysitter was so sad and didn’t want to return. Gracie and her little sister Isabella were scared. First of all, because their babysitter wasn’t there. Also, because they lived in a bad neighborhood.

It was a scary night. Gracie didn’t sleep at all, but Isabella went to sleep at 7:44 p.m. and woke up at 9:55 a.m. Gracie didn’t go to school, because then where would she leave Isabella? Gracie didn’t know any other babysitters.

At about 3:00 p.m., Gracie’s parents called. Gracie wasn’t sure what to tell them. Since she was so nervous, she didn’t answer the first time they called. She also didn’t answer the second or the third call. Later, she tried to call them back, but they didn’t answer. They couldn’t answer because they were going into a show. There is a saying in Las Vegas that “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” So, while here parents were going into the show, they had to turn off their cell phones. Gracie thought they didn’t answer because they were mad at her since she didn’t answer the phone earlier. Gracie didn’t know that her parents were at a show.

Half an hour later…Gracie told her little sister, Isabella, to pretend to lock the house. The thing is that Isabella heard Gracie say to actually lock it. The bad thing is that they didn’t have keys. While Isabella and Gracie were out looking for their babysitter, she came back. I think that is a good thing because she did have keys to the house. When the babysitter walked into the house she was calling out, “Gracie, Isabella, where are you?” She said it in a playful way. She waited to hear a response…but she didn’t. After looking in all three bedrooms, two restrooms, and six closets, she remembered that she hadn’t looked in the basement. When she looked in there: nothing there either.

The babysitter left the house to go look for them. About fifteen minutes later, Gracie and Isabella went back to the house. They had barely missed her. The next day was when Gracie’s parents were going to come back. The babysitter came back at about 9:15 p.m.

She came back so late because all that time she was looking for Gracie and Isabella. On her way home, she was wondering what to tell Gracie’s and Isabella’s parents. She started crying. Her plan was to go to the house, get her things, and go somewhere where no one would find her. When she got to the house, she wanted to check one more time, and so she screamed for Gracie and Isabella.

They were in the basement, but they were still able to hear her. They came up just in time, because their babysitter was about to walk out the door. They called out, “Dulce, we found you! Don’t leave!” Dulce thought that she was just hearing them in her head. So she closed the door and they went running out and chased her. When Gracie and Isabella found Dulce, they told her to stay. It was an emotional moment for the three of them.

Then they went to sleep because they had to go pick up Gracie’s parents in the morning. At about 7:45 a.m., they went to pick them up at the airport. When they got there, their parents asked why they didn’t answer the phone. There was a silent moment. Then Dulce said, “We went to the museum.”

But then when they got home and Dulce left, Gracie and Isabella told their parents the truth. So they didn’t pay Dulce for her job. Dulce said that she was going to sue them for one-thousand dollars. The solution to this problem was to never ever hire Dulce again.


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