Love is Meant to Be

3 Apr

By Kaydee Koch

You might think this story starts with a happy beginning or an amazing princess. If you did think this, you thought wrong. Let me tell you how everything happened.

A young princess was born, however her parents were very insecure. One night the father was on a private jet approaching Vancouver, Canada, when the airplane went out of control. There was a big crash and her father died. Once her mother, Queen of Fenn, found out the revolting news, she left her child on someone else’s staircase. The address on the house said, “Dr. Farris Bean, Chiropractor.”

Dr. Farris raised the young girl. She was named Trixie Bean. The child was only three years old when she heard about her true parents. One day before Trixie’s fourth birthday she heard that the Queen of Fenn had committed suicide. About two months later, Dr. Farris became very ill. Then almost nine days later a funeral took place for Ferris. Trixie was in sorrow for an everlasting time. This putrid thing happened when Trixie was four.

Nobody realized Trixie was raising herself on her own. Years had passed now and Trixie always received strange questions when she was out and about: “How old are you? Where are your parents, missy?” However, the worst question was, “Are you a slave?” Even though Trixie wasn’t a slave and was just living alone, this made her sad. So eventually she became a slave. Her tasks were to help clean, make maidens pretty and do the dishes.

The worst problem of all was that she was cursed by her mother. The curse was she never had the chance to live as a princess. Since she did not get the chance to become a princess when she was young, she would have to meet the prince, share a dance with him, and have a wonderful kiss to release her curse. She could actually become a princess and fulfill her dreams. The one problem that stood in Trixie’s way was the separation between the prince, Spud Nightel, and Trixie Bean. Think about it. How could a slave meet a prince and fall in love?

Trixie had a plan all set. Sometimes she thought it wasn’t necessary to have a plan. She wondered why, and now I know why. Trixie was sitting at the shore of the sea, and a stranger walked up and he introduced himself.

He claimed, “I’m Spud Nightel.”

Trixie remained in complete shock. She muttered, “But, but, but…” Spud removed his hat. Trixie was paralyzed.

He then said, “There is a ball tonight. Would you accompany me to the ball?”

Trixie said, “Yes, but I don’t like being in front of people.”

As there were talking, the music started playing from afar and they could hear it together. Trixie and Spud began to dance. Spud admitted, “You are very light on your feet, my dear.” Trixie gave a great big smile. Spud then quivered. You could tell he was going to ask something and he was nervous.

He took a big breath and said, “WIll you go to the forest with me and build a garden with me?”

Trixie shouted, “Yes!”

They then shred a big hug. Trixie grabbed a flower and they both rushed to the garden. They placed the flower in the dirt and said, “Our garden.” They both stood together. Spud looked into Trixie’s hazel eyes. He leaned in and gave Trixie a magnificent kiss. They smiled at each other and danced the rest of the night. Trixie’s curse was broken and she was now the Princess of Fenn. Spud and Trixie then lived happily ever after…



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