Diamond’s Secret Twin

3 Apr

By Clara Fierro

There was once a beautiful and content girl named Diamond. She was going to turn nineteen, and her parents did not let her go anywhere! One night, Diamond snuck out of her castle and went to Candyland to meet someone. Diamond was not quite sure who she was specifically looking for. She was very excited. She met a polar bear and a puppy. The polar bear was named Baby and the puppy was Angelina.

When she was two minutes away from Candyland, a foggy cloud came out of nowhere and an atrocious, horrible wizard named William appeared. He said that if she did not marry him, he would freeze her parents forever. The word forever stayed in Diamond’s ears. The word FOREVER stayed in her head and made her shake and quiver to death. What was she going to do?! She did not know if she wanted to cry or run back to her castle.

Suddenly she saw the black fog moving to a big castle, so she decided to follow it. She was determined to put the wizard in jail for the rest of his life. She entered Candyland, where everything was evil, then went toward a rock rolling mountain. When she finally got to the castle, she looked for the wizard and fought against him. With the help of Angelina, Diamond won.

The wizard told her she had a twin sister, which was Angelina. He turned Angelina into a human and she was good hearted. On the way back home, Diamond married a prince.



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