Believe in Yourself

3 Apr

By Natalie Ranney

Beep Beep… My alarm clock woke me up. I thought, “I’ll stay in bed for a couple more minutes.” A few seconds later my Mom called and said, “Lupe, get out of bed and go take a shower! The hairstylist will be here any minute!” I had totally forgotten that it was my fifteenth birthday.

I got my clothes ready and ran into the bathroom. I turned the water on and got into the shower. I took a shower as fast as I could. In five minutes, I was out of the shower and began to change my clothes and comb my hair. Then the doorbell rang.

It was the hairstylist. I had my hair combed by the hairstylist. My hair looked amazing!!! The hairstylist, Wendy, took one hour to straighten my hair. Then it took two hours to curl my hair and finally put it in a big bow. Then Wendy and my mother helped me put on my dress very carefully. I then ran to get into the limo that was waiting outside.

I had been in such a rush. At least there was no traffic! We made it to the church on time.

The ceremony was one hour and thirty minutes long. This special ceremony was to give me a special blessing for the future.

After the ceremony was over, my damas and the boy dancers were all there to take pictures. The place that we were going was downtown. It took us about fifteen minutes to get there. They took fancy, silly, and romantic pictures. They had the best time taking pictures!

We all got back into the limo. The driver began to drive us to the salon. We sang and danced all the way to the salon. Then I remembered that I did not know the steps to the dance.

When we arrived, I ran into the bathroom as soon as I could. I locked the door and did not let anyone inside. This was just an excuse! I stayed in the bathroom for about two hours. I climbed out of the bathroom window.

While I was climbing out of the window, one of my friends appeared and said that I should at least try it! I said okay. So my friend and I began to walk into the salon. A strange woman grabbed my hand and put me into the “dancing world.” The woman told me that I had to dance, that if I did not I would be stuck in that “dancing world” for ever and ever! I started to dance and magically appeared at the salon. I then proceeded to dance for the entire night. This was the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.


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