Why I Hate August Smit

17 Dec

by Camille Garcia

It wasn’t love at first sight. Oh hell no. I mean, sure he was cute. Nice and Smart, but he was.. well… he was just August. He wasn’t rude, mean, or gross. He was just too quiet, too studious, too perfect! It’s that feeling you get when you really like someone, yet you hate them. The hate had yet to grow much deeper.

My name is Ivy. In case you didn’t notice, I’m reluctant about my love life. Even if I do like someone, I won’t admit it for a long time. Boys hate me naturally because if they disrespect me, call me a name, cuss me out, even give me a dirty look, I automatically hate them. But I always give people a second chance. I did give that much to August, but he failed in the worst way possible.

Art was the first class that I actually had with August. But I’d heard about him before. It’s funny how you can get so notorious for being quiet. I actually sat next to August and that was when I realized that he didn’t like the other girls in class, the ones with big butts and long hair, no. Even when he didn’t admit it, he liked me. I liked him back. I just knew. I gave him a hug every day and he smiled every day. We didn’t talk that much though. One day, he did talk to me. One sentence to be exact.

It really happened the week I started dating Asher. I went to elementary school with him. He’s hot, smart, sweet… I’d liked him since fourth grade, but he just confessed that he liked me. We started going out the day before August finally talked to me.

The real first words that August said to me were, “No Ivy, I don’t want to hug you.” I was dumbfounded. Incredulous. I just didn’t know what I did. After thinking about it for several days, I knew it was because of me and Asher. I liked them both so much! I didn’t know what to do for the longest time, until I caught August just staring at me with the dreamiest look in his eyes. I knew that he liked me, and I knew I had to break up with Asher because I couldn’t even deal with August not looking at me like that again.

So I did. I broke up with Asher at lunch. He was a crummy boyfriend anyway. And then I waited for August to find out. I’m not really sure if he ever did though. After the year ended, I just forgot about him.

Then came seventh grade. It was fun at first. One day, I was walking down the hall with my best friend, Cassidy.

“Oh my God did you hear about June and Maximilian?” I said to her excitedly.

“I know they are the cutest!” she replied with a huge grin.

I smiled as I started opening our locker. I almost said aloud that I wish I had that with August. Believe me, we would be an adorable couple. As Cassidy and I walked down the hall towards Spanish, I knew that I had to get him.

Then came the end of school again. I had a great summer, tanning, reading, swimming. It was fun. And then, school. I felt like, wow, eighth grade. It’s about time, too. I’m on top and dang it feels good.

When I finally told Cassidy about him on our beginning-of-the-year sleepover, her response: “Dang, girl! And you waited to tell me that?”

“Umm, yeah, I’m shy-ish,” I retorted back.

“Anything but that!” she yelled and tackled me.

The next day, I was talking to the creep that’s also my friend, Swit. That’s just what we call him.

Swit said, “You know who’s cool?”

I asked, “Who?”

He replied, “August.”

“Yeah, he’s a pretty cool dude,” I replied with sudden interest. “Who does he like, do you know?”

“Yeah, it’s Cassidy.”

Oh. My. God.

Now I was ticked.

So, I like August, then it turns out he likes my best friend. Yeah.

For the next few weeks, it was hard around Cassidy. She was the usual and I was just stiff, until the day I knew I had to tell her.

It was warm and a little cloudy outside, like before a summer storm. And as we walked outside I took a deep breath. “August likes you, Cassidy,” I choked out and sat down on the red painted concrete bench underneath two dying wish pod trees and started crying. I couldn’t help it, as all the other girls walked past and gave me snarky glares. But there was no reaction from Cassidy. Now she was even stiffer.

The next morning was pretty normal. I walked to the bus stop, but the bus was late. When the bus finally arrived, I got on and sat in the very back half-seat. The normal dialogue was going on. “If y’all don’t be quiet, I’mma come back there!”

School was boring until I got to French, which I have with August. I couldn’t help it, I hated him for liking my best friend after him liking me. It just wasn’t fair.

So that’s the story of why I hate August Smit.


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