The Celestial Powers

17 Dec

by Talia Gordon

Aπόλλων, that feels good,” I moaned, basking in the setting sun. Waves of red and gold light washed over my skin and I laughed, the warm energy bubbling up under my skin until I thought I would burst.

“What was that? Latin? I know it’s not Spanish…” Nick muttered to himself, clearly displeased he couldn’t understand all of his flighty friend’s many languages. He leaned back against the doorway of our school.

“Actually, it’s Greek for Apollo, mortal,” Kamari spoke up from outside. I guess I’d better explain the mortal thing. You see, Kamari and I are the impersonations of two celestial bodies – the sun and the moon. I bet you can tell who is who. Unfortunately for us, our bodies follow the same patterns as the entities we impersonate, so Kamari probably just woke up, while I wanted to go to bed. Also, we were born to the first civilization and will live till the end of our impersonated object. Anyway…

“Solis, teach me Greek tomorrow, would you?” Nick asked bashfully.

“Sure!” I fired back with a grin.

“So… exactly why are you ditching three minutes before the bell rings?” Kamari inquired with a confused look, glancing at the sky briefly.

“ ’Cause I feel like it,” I bluffed, “and I’m gonna go to sleep aviat…” The sun was lowering swiftly and I could feel myself drifting off. In the space of a moment my peace was shattered. Kamari and I – bliźniaków – felt the moon and the sun become level. I dimly heard the school-bell ring through a haze of pain. The blazing heat of the sun pounded against my back.

Feeling a pull, I staggered forward and clasped my hands around Kamari’s. I reeled backwards as I felt the searing coldness of her hands. I’ll bet anything she felt the burning warmth in mine. Screaming in shock and pain, I winced. Nick would be scared; he was my best friend and liked to think of us as humans. I also knew my whole school would soon be outside watching us. Yep… there they were. Onzin.

Instinctually, I tugged away from Kamari’s hands and I know she tried to pull away from mine. However much we tried to drag ourselves apart we never could let go. We rose slowly into the air and I cried out again.

My thoughts blew apart in that second. I felt myself changing. Screaming out wildly, I tried to tell my class to run away. However, my voice muted and my mouth snapped shut. Salty blood filled my mouth and burst from my lips in a crimson waterfall. Kas sap!

A familiar shock of pain ran up my spine. All I wanted to do was tell Nick and the others to run away. But I was frozen in the pain. Light radiated from Kamari’s skin and mine, blinding our classmates. Nick simply cringed away, he hated watching. I felt rather than saw myself grow taller. Ow.

I winced as something wrapped around my wrists. Wait… that wasn’t right. We weren’t supposed to be bound. The last thing I heard was, “The Celestial Potentas have fallen! The Celestial Powers have fallen!”


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