Nonfiction Submissions are Trickling In!

4 Apr

Here’s one from 4-week writing queen, Cassidy Cole:

To Gunga

I shiver when the thought swops, and leaves a chilled wind

Thinking of a lifeless someone

                 No mind

                                No hearing

                                                    No senses


I held her wrinkly hand, smiling she exclaimed with her raspy, “I would rather have smile marks, not frown marks.”

                  I lived by those words, I lived that

                      Until she was un-able to say no more

I feel empty

                     The chills wosh once again

                 Now I am afraid of losing someone else

                                                                         Having no one to hug

                                        Living a life alone

I sob

                                     No one cares about the salt in tears; they only are considerate when the salt is in the noodles

                                       But salt in tears gives a tang of some sort

                              The sort that an empty suddenly is filled with weariness

             I shiver once again

                                                    My life must go on but the question is how

There are some feelings that leave you

                                                           But a grandmother’s love is not one of them.


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