Me, myself, and I

13 Mar

by Kali Wilcox

I hate shots the way that they go through all seven layers of the skin into your muscle and inject a virus into your blood stream, I swear that’s torture! The way that right at the end of your doctor’s appointment when you think you get off scot-free with no shot the nurse walks in holding a plate of cotton swabs, cartoon Band-Aids, and the dreadful shot. I will find some way to avoid getting a shot; maybe a law in some godforsaken town saying they’re dangerous or I could be a child about it and just run out of the room.

Everything about the human body is disgusting, the way your skin holds everything inside you, and how every time you move your skin is being pulled tight and your bone and muscle get pushed together. There has been several times of which I have over thought the human body and I just freeze in place not moving an inch.

The body is impossible to understand. Why the heck can’t we have salt water? We can have salt and we can have water, what’s so wrong with mixing them together? And why am I always itchy if there’s nothing on me? I shouldn’t be itching when there’s nothing there. And then there’s hair why does it turn gray does it just get tired of being colorful? I really don’t think a few more years of color would kill it. Why do we have to cover our butts? I mean everyone has a butt and everyone has a face but I don’t see people covering that!


One Response to “Me, myself, and I”

  1. Sarah November 10, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    This is a fantastic piece!! I love the humor, wonder and almost disdain for the human body. Well done!

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