28 Feb

by Camden Ricci

            One night after drinking a little bit in his old rundown apartment with a broken window and old wooden floors, Jt decided to stagger down the block to get another drink.

“Wow, it is cold out here!” He shouted toward the sky, as he watched the steam of his breathe escape into the night air.

            A half mile later he crossed the river onto the local college campus to meet up with a friend of his, Charlie, when he stopped in this tracks. After refocusing his eyes to see if what he was watching was really happening. He watched slack-jawed as a man chased his friend’s car down the road right in front of him. His friend gave Dave a nervous wave as he passed, but he didn’t dare slow down as the man was closing the gap and could almost touch his car.

Charlie and Jt own a law firm downtown. Jt recognized the man as a client of theirs who got very mad at them for representing his wife during the divorce a year ago. The man lost everything during the divorce and he now has to pay alimony to his ex-wife, but, if that weren’t bad enough Jt put the guy on the stand in an open court and disclosed every little secret about the marriage just to make him look bad.

            The man by the end of the divorce seemed like he was on the path of destruction, he even sent threatening letters to the law firm saying he would kill them by ripping out their guts and using them as fish bait and feeding the rest of the body to bears. Now he was chasing his friend’s car around yelling threats.

            “I will kill you for what you did to me!” the man yelled.

            “It was your own fault; you should have hired a lawyer instead of trying to defend yourself.”

            Jt shouted at him from where he was standing.

            Jt suddenly realized what he had just said and instantly regretted it. The man stopped in his tracks of chasing the car and looked towards Jt with a blank stare and started to walk towards Jt and yell at him.

            “You, you ruined my life,” shouted the man.

            “You put it on yourself by not hiring a lawyer,” yelled Jt in response.

            Just then the man started running towards Jt and pulled his jacket back revealing a bundle of keys which he pulled out and put the keys in-between his fingers. Jt noticed what the man had done and what he was planning on doing and started running away from him.

            “Come back here!” screamed the man as he chased Jt into the men’s college dorms.

            Jt examined his surroundings quickly before running off and praying it didn’t lead to a dead end. There was a hallway to his left with dorm rooms running down the hallway, to the right was the same thing but a staircase at the end of it. He ran right to the staircase, opened the door, and started running up the stairs with man right behind him. Jt came to the 3rd floor where he exited the staircase through the door to his right and came upon another hallway which he started running down when he felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. He fell to the ground with the man standing over him with now bloody keys in-between his fingers, he pulled his arm back and punched Jt in the chest puncturing his rib cage. He winded back up to punch him again when a shot rang out. The man fell to the ground and standing there over the body was a police officer. Jt tried to stand up and tell him thank you but couldn’t speak. He fell back as everything went white.


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