Unknown Friend

28 Feb

by Cassidy Cole

            He may not even know himself; his personality may be empty one period, the next he can be charming, but that personality trait is nearly vacant.  His heart is a strainer; he lets the people he meets pass by, but the ones whose hearts are filled with filth, he decides not to let by.  He sees himself as someone else, someone who follows the footsteps of a cluttered lifestyle that couldn’t go any slower… but only I know his true meaning, his goals no one tends to pay attention to intentionally.  I know his true meaning, on the inside he is Matt no one else.  He takes time to bring me down with words, but I look past his hate and his rapid life style and his rude saying “it’s all mine… mine.”  I have never had a conversation alone with him, but I consider Matt a friend, the only thing holding me back is… he doesn’t.  He compliments things I do he enjoys; otherwise, his hatred grows just because of me.


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