The Single Rose

28 Feb

by Sophie Nacer

The coldness of the water droplet covered grass embraced me with cold arms, the chilly

glare of the winter sun beat down relentlessly on me, and the rain pounded down onto my

exposed skin, making the tears invisible. But none of that mattered anymore, I couldn’t feel

anything. I felt so empty inside, so numb on the outside, coldness and pain was welcome.

Without you to fill my heart, it was hollow, the cursed beating echoing around inside of me, the

beating that took you away from me, that separated us. My fingers touched to stone, ridges

outlining your name, a name that made me think of love, laughter, and happiness. Your name

sounded so good when I said it, called out to you when I caught a glimpse of your smiling face,

but carved into the frigid and unfeeling rock, it just caused pain and sorrow, a reminder that you

were gone forever now. I wish my soul was free, so I could find you, wherever you are out there.

I wish I could hold you, but there’s nothing I can do. I can only lie here, six feet above you, and

wish. I hope you are in a better place. I hope that you can still remember me. I hope you miss me

like I miss you. I hope you’ll wait for me. But that’s all I can do, hope. Hoping and wishing that

you will be there when I join you, that you still love me. The single crimson rose I held against

me, standing out like a plume of fire against the night sky, fire that once was love, but now was

agony and sadness, burning inside of me, a wanting, a need to see you again, to be by your side

where I belong. All I saw was the love in you, the pure happiness that surrounded you, now all I

see is the headstone and grass that covers you. I can’t scream, I’ve tried, but it does no good,

there’s no one around to hear me, to come and comfort me, to tell me it’ll be alright. I wished

that you hadn’t left, that you had stayed long enough to escape your fate, just long enough to

allow you to stay with me, but there’s no changing the past, no way to get you back, it’s too late,

your heart that held so much compassion and strength has faltered, and stopped. I know this

may seem obscene, but I’ll keep living, knowing that I will see you soon. And although I may

be lost in a place I used to call home, I will follow your guiding light.

         As my long smooth fingers that used to trace your beautiful face turned wrinkled, I could

only smile, for I knew I would see you soon. As my face that you once used to gently kiss aged, I

could only laugh, for I knew I would see you soon. As my own heart faltered and stopped, I

couldn’t feel dread, only relief and happiness.

         And then, I felt your gentle touch, your warmth spreading along my skin, turning it back

into its beautiful smooth surface, my face reshaping and becoming young, my fingers returning

to their soothing texture. I traced your face, and then, enfolding my hand into your own, we

walked in the sunlit valley, the grass warm and moist against our bare feet, the daisy you held

out to me brightened my scarlet dress.

         You had waited for me.


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