excerpt from “The Big Blue Alone”

28 Feb

by Emily Martellaro

Chapter 1: Home Sweet Home

SPLASH, a red-eared slider turtle jumps off a sun bathing rock. She swims down to a small flat rock; she knocks on the rock. An electric eel comes out of rock and says “Welcome to deep blues grocery market.’’ Mama smiles and nods and swims through the door. The eel looks around and then closes the door. On the other side of that rock it was a crowded grocery store. Fish in the cereal aisle, sting rays in the fish aisle, sea turtles in the seaweed aisle and so much more. Mama swims down the front of the store and turns right then left to an empty aisle with minnows, fish, canned worms, corral soup and seaweed treats. Mama looks up and down the aisle and sees a can of minnows. She picks four cans. Each can has 20 minnows one for her and one her husband and two for her children. She also grabs some corral soup, seaweed treats and then she goes to another aisle and gets a can of starfish blessings. Mama looks up as if she is trying to remember if she has any other things she needs. She nods and smiles then swims to the check out stand. She sets down her bag with her groceries. “Good morning m‘am is their anything else i can get for you today?” says a female starfish. “Oh no this is all,” Mama replies. The starfish hands her the bag of her groceries and smiles then says, “That will be 3 sand dollars please.” Mama grabs three sand dollars out of her purse attached to her bottom shell. She hands her the money. “Nice place to have your purse,” says the starfish looking at her belly. “Oh yeah I can’t swim while holding it and I always drop it so it is easier with it there. Thank you,” Mama says as she grabs the bag and starts to swim away but then turns around and says, “ Have a nice Day.” “You too.” says the starfish waving. Mama gets to the door and the eel opens the door and says, “ Thank you for shopping at Big Blue’s Grocery Market have a nice day.” “ Thank you,” Mama says. As she swims out the door she stops and looks around then turns right. She swims down a small cave then between two rocks into a big room with walls of rocks but a door of hanging seaweed. She sets the groceries down on the clam shell counter. She hears a big ruckus then she swims through the seaweed door to her children’s room. They are all playing hide-and-seek-swim. You have to hide in 10 seconds then if they spot you have to swim away as they try to tag you. Lulu the youngest of 4 spots Mama first then swims over to hug her. “Hi Mama we are playing hide-and-seek-swim want to play?” “No I am good. I have to make supper so what do you want? The one with most votes is supper.” Mama says looking at all four children. “Okay Tulip what do you want corral soup or minnows?” “Minnows,” Tulip says smiling. “Reef,” Mama says “Corral soup.”  Reef replies, “Rose.” “Um I will agree with my twin so minnows,” Rose replies. “Okay Lulu it is up to you,” Mama says. “Well I love minnows but corral soup is my favorite so corral soup.” The twins groan and Reef cheers. “Wait wait wait,” Mama says “That is a tie so it counts on-” Before Mama finishes Papa comes bursting through the door saying “I’m home!” All the children jump on top of Papa screaming all at once. Mama rolls her eyes and says “Papa.” “Okay okay I need to breathe,”   Papa says laughing. All the kids get off and Papa gets up and kisses Mama on the cheek. All the kids go yuck and then continue to play.


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