Infinite Journeys Workshop Wrap-Up: A Not So Simple Equation

20 Dec

17 young writers+17 blank journals+6 tubes of glitter+300 magazines=3,045 creative journaling ideas. (With a remainder of gold sparklies all over the living room floor).

Jekolia, one of our high school journey-ers, hard at work...

...on this.

We stuffed ourselves full of cookies and peanut brittle while stuffing artistic journals full of snippets, photos, and poems over the last two weekends at the Ferril House. Here’s one masterpiece from 5th grader, Maddie Solomon.

Who Created Us? by Maddie Solomon

I often wonder

about many, many things:

about dinosaurs who roamed the earth

or all of Saturn’s rings.


But most of all I wonder

about who created us.

Was it really a piece of cake

Or was it a big fuss?


And also, what was the year,

the year we came alive?

Oh how I wish someone was there

to tell us how we survive.


With so many religions

to believe and to choose,

we might never know

or have any clues.


For now we wait

for an answer to appear.

After all, patience is the key to life.

Not everything is always clear.


One Response to “Infinite Journeys Workshop Wrap-Up: A Not So Simple Equation”

  1. hiyacynthia April 6, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    My goodness, I am impressed with the talent! I wish I had explored the possibility of being a writer when I was younger, but I guess my time to begin was just meant to be mid-life! These kids are great.

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