A Selection of Awesomeness

8 Dec

(All by Cassidy Cole)

A bumble bee buzzes a silent, soaked secret guarded by a shattered promise. I feel weak as worn out damp linen. I long for a fountain of maple sugar as the spontaneous Kansas grain loans me a chartreuse bull’s eye full of promise and complexion.

But, why?                                                                                                                                                                                                           

What you did cannot be erased, not even by a pearl eraser. This time I am stronger than an ocean made of diamonds.

* * *

I blossom the speed that suits my fancy, and absolutely no one makes decisions for my feelings of what level I can reach; to dwell and soak and never choose to let me dry. You throw your heaping complications in my hands and take my adventures that were never yours in the beginning. I do not care for your careless and meaningless opinions about my fragile personality.

* * *

I am shaking and trembling and I contain fear. I never cry salty tears, just peppered tears of despair and regret, but I still own collective knowledge

I could, but I cannot, but can?

* * *

I smile at the sun; do you?

Do you eat my insides; then spit them out and leave me there crying?  I can spread wings and fly until you realize you’re selfish. You secretive meaningless speck on my face!

* * *

I soar on a foggy day; I jam into a bamboo stick and lie there dizzy and not sure if I am dead or dreaming. The crispin dew or someone’s wrinkled rusty metal palm against me. I try to scurry, but struggle or seem my legs have become lifeless. Tears fall, I am trapped against the Eiffel tower and the water is nearly above my waist, everything becomes a blur until I can’t remember anything except nothing.


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