Three Short Pieces

23 Nov

by Morgan Marzulla

Forgotten Autumn

The crimson ivy crawls up the coarse wood of the gazebo. The caress of autumn has begun to alter the colors of the leaves of the many trees that surround the flagstone floor. Trees overhang the small space where leaf littered chairs sit still and forgotten. A delapidated wooden fence surrounds the small space, and ivy slithers its pickets like many scarlet serpents.

Nestled in the corner of the yard is a small green step ladder. Its wood is coarse and weathered with age. It sits abandoned between concrete walls littered with leaves and seed pods.


RavenousRavenous is a hungry man, he eats entire buffets for breakfast

One man's breakfast!

Eggs, bacon , sausage, toast, cereal and pancakes

His favorite class to attend is Social Studies; the one right before lunch

He visits people when they haven’t eaten for awhile, he gives them gifts of anxiety and anticipation and visions of scrumptous morsels all around

He is eating

He is devouring

He is hunger

He is ravenous



The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.

Ode to the Pen

No one ever talks about a pen

It’s always the actual writing that gets the praise

But isn’t it time that we congratulate the pen?

Without whom we would never see any writing at all

The pen is something that no one ever considers

Pens come in reds, blues, & greens

But no matter what color

We wouldn’t be anywhere without them

 –Written during Youth Writing 101


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