The Guppy

23 Nov

A Superhero concocted by David Crum


My superhero has the power to breath under water.  Another thing he can do is slash out at his enemy with his razor sharp fins.

Origin Story:

One day, when the day was hot, a long boat sails through the waves.  Suddenly, someone falls off when the boat plunges down into the waves.  That someone was Joe, a humble sailor, heading for New York delivering coal.  This was unusual because Joe was a trash man.  Anyway, as he thought he would explode, Joe’s body began to tingle, suddenly in a stream of hot water Joe rose.  Then he blacked out. 

Then Joe found himself in too much pain to get out of the water.  But after 30 minutes he was still alive.  And that’s how he found his power of breathing under water.  Later he made a suit that had razor sharp fins!  And he made a hat that disguises him as a fish, he’s …..  THE GUPPY!


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