Gumball Girl (by one of our youngest writers)

23 Nov

by Katie Hangland, age 6

(We love her writing so much, we didn’t want to change the creative spelling of any words!)    

Which color's your favorite?

Gumball Girl got her powers by a gint blue gumball that asplodid.  It was a axidint.  She axidently blue up a gint gumball in her lab.  She bloed it up so big that it asplodid.  She was doing an aspyrimenint.  Gumball Girl is a sintist.

If she was running she would sro gumballs evry where. Any time she moovs her hands she has gumballs come out of her palms and fingrs.  If she was eating brecfest she can have gumballs for brecfest and eggs and bacon.

The gumballs that are white are boms.  The others are ones that asplods posinis acid.  When you tucht it asid will come out of them. 

Gumball Girl fits the Ruby Robbers.  The asid from insid the gum melts them.  The robbers are made of rubys and ston.  They are famos for steeling joolary from the joolary stor.

Thanks to Gumball Girl the Ruby Robbers have vaneshd from the planet into the jint hols created by the asid.


One Response to “Gumball Girl (by one of our youngest writers)”

  1. hiyacynthia April 6, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Oh my God, that is the cutest thing ever!

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