Donut Dude

23 Nov

A Superhero created by Michael Crum


Donut Dude has a donut for a head and can make donuts appear.  He saves the world from boring breakfasts.

Origin Story:

Once upon a time Fragrint woke up in his bed and asked his robot to go fetch him some coffee and a donut.  Then he saw the fly buzzing around his head.   He swatted at it and it went away and sat in the corner.  His robot came in with his donut and his coffee.  But what he didn’t know was that when he swatted at the fly he got a clear dust on his fingers.  But that wouldn’t matter would it.  But not knowing, he ate his donut with his espresso.  Then he took his morning nap and slept through to the next morning.  Then he got up and looked in the mirror.  And he screamed because his head was a donut!  And that made him crave for a donut and then one appeared in his hand then he thought, “I can’t eat.”  Then, feeling silly, stuck the donut through the hole in his head and he could taste it, then he quickly devoured the donut.  Then he looked at his watch, it was a switch!  Then he turned it off and he looked like himself again.  But unluckily he couldn’t make a donut appear in his hand.  Then he looked out the window and saw a guy without a donut for breakfast and then a donut appeared in front of the donut-less person.  And then he went outside.  When he got outside he put up a donut stand. And quickly ducked in the cover of the stand, flipped the switch on his watch, and produced 20 donuts and put it on the stand for sale and right when he flipped the switch for his watch 20 people came and bought a donut for $5.  The he decided that his donuts will come with everyone’s breakfast.


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