Captain Candlestick

23 Nov

This guy's too hot to handle!

by Adam Hangland    

Captain Candlestick was a normal teenage guy sitting on his couch relaxing.  But when he threw an annoying animal toy he had been sitting on into the furnace, the furnace exploded.  When he woke up, he felt fine.  “I guess it was just my imagination” he thought aloud.  “I really feel O.K.”

This soon to be superhero felt so good, he started to tap his feet.  Suddenly, he was flying!  He looked down, but now his feet were giant flaming candelabras!  In distress, he grabbed a nearby table. Now his fingers were candles!  He floated so high he bonked his head on the ceiling.  Then his hair was a bunch of writhing candles.  His presence lit all the candles in the room bringing warmth and light to his body. Just then, he floated out of the window! “Oh  no!”

After he had been rudely careened out the window, he ran into his neighbor’s laundry.  He came out wearing a silver jumpsuit.  It was embarrassing!  Then, he ran into a ladder and buckets of orange and yellow paint stained his jumpsuit.  Only then did he decide to head back home.

He got the hang of flying and became used to traveling around the world lighting candles to heat homes (he had to do something with his power!) One day, he ran into a frozen-looking girl.  She entered a house where he had just lit all the candles and the furnace and everything extinguished.  He went back in to light the candles just as the girl was flying out.  She turned and looked him in the eye and hissed, “Don’t mess with Frozen Flora’s work.” Frozen Flora always showed up at the houses that he was lighting.  Still, Captain Candlestick managed to get all the houses warm.

Captain Candlestick battled Frozen Flora, lit many candles, and accidentally messed up some laundry on his way to fame.  He now often remembers his life as a red-head freckle face.  He still longs for his old t-shirt and ripped jeans.  But that is all gone now that he is a full-fledged super hero.


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