It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s our young writers’ SUPERHEROES!

18 Nov

Through our collaboration with the uber-cool people at Buntport Theater and The Art Students’ League of Denver, we are bringing young writers’ superheroes to life on the page and on-stage. Don’t forget to send submissions for a Superhero of your own–the deadline for contest submissions (whether you’re submittting an origin story about your superhero, a drawing, or both) is November 22! You can see full guidelines here. Check out one of our fave origin stories about a tree-green recycling diva, written by 4th grader Anna Brandner, below, and click the “Superheroes!” link at left for more superwriters.

Green Girl Saves the Day         

by Anna Brandner

Jess was walking in the park, and it had so many flowers, that it looked like a glittering rainbow.  All of a sudden she came upon a blueberry colored petunia. She thought, “That is the perfect one for my room!” So she picked the pretty petunia. She decided to smell its divine smell. All of a sudden she felt different. Quicker than you can say hallelujah she was up in the air flying! “Cool!” she said to herself. Then she saw a piece of trash. She went to pick it up but it zapped into a water bottle! Jess was confused. “How did that happen?” she asked herself.  She bent down to pick it up, but it zapped itself into a recycling bin. This was awkward. Was there something in her breakfast this morning? It had tasted fine. She decided to act normal. Could she be a super hero? The super hero of recycling! She could call herself Green Girl! Perfect! So that’s what she was going to call herself.

Then she went to go get a flower to put in a vase, when she came across a bud that hadn’t bloomed. She floated towards it and it bloomed! “That must be another one of my powers!” she exclaimed. She needed to find a costume. She found a tree green shirt, some pink and green striped pants, and a brilliant orange cape. She took petals and made recycling signs on the cape. “Perfect!” she yelled.

All of a sudden she saw some bugs, they were flying like pesky mosquitos. They were the “litter bugs.” She had to stop them, but how? She picked up some flowers like a bee collecting pollen from a flower. She inched towards them like a caterpillar on a leaf. She put the flowers right up to their noses and… achoo! They blew back as fast as a rocket. Then she picked up all the trash with her powers. Green Girl wondered how to turn back to Jess, the regular girl, in a regular town, who goes to a regular school. Where did that flower go? The one that made her turn into Green Girl? She flew back to the grass. “Oh, there it is,” Green Girl said. She lifted the flower to her nose, sniff! The wind blew and POW! She turned back to herself. Then she tucked the flower in her pocket, just in case!


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