Joy’s Joyous 101 Class

16 Nov

Last month, Joy Sawyer gathered with a small, but mighty group of young writers to put together sophisticated poems, bust out some short funny stories, and pull cool words out of a bucket. Here’s one of the class’s fabulous collaborative pieces:

Persuaded In the Ferril House Backyard

–a Youth Writing 101 collaborative poem,  in response to Robert Francis’ “Summons”

Trees overhang a portion of the area, shedding dappled light

across long-forgotten chairs.

Here: The red wall of rough-hewn stone that tastes and smells

of the very earth from which it came.

It wasn’t that they all forgot; It was that they didn’t remember.

I picked up a rough wood chip and put it in my shoe.

The yellow leaf on a tree is the minority to all the red leaves.

Hear the air conditioner, the voice in your head,

saying “Come. Come.”

Red and gold leaves crunch under my feet

as I move toward the beautiful, green-leafed tree.

We discovered life. 


–October 23, 2010

Written by Youth Writing 101 students: Morgan Marzulla, Sam Eagleburger, Lillian Lungren, Maia Freedberg, Zander Velleca, Jorel Hill, Aiden Goldberg, Cassidy Cole


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